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Reagent, pre-clinical and cGMP grade proteins available
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Pfenex is clinical-stage biotechnology company developing and commercializing high value and difficult to manufacture proteins. Our initial focus is on biosimilar therapeutics and our lead product is PF582, a biosimilar to Lucentis® (ranibizumab).


Through our Pfēnex Expression Technology™, Pfenex possesses the ability to rapidly and reproducibly make proteins that cannot be otherwise expressed in any other system.  With advantages including quality, stability, solubility, and purity. Pfenex reduces production and development costs enabling the rapid delivery of protein products into clinical development and into commercialization.


Pfenex is leveraging its technology platform for its own product pipeline, strain engineering services  for companies developing therapeutics and vaccines and for scientists seeking reagents for research use.


Transcending the limits of protein production

Protein expression is difficult… the ability to successfully produce high titers of soluble, active protein in the first attempt results in significant opportunity cost avoidance and rapid product development. Pfenex produces high titers of proteins across a broad spectrum of functional types, from enzymes to antigens and engineered antibody fragments, rapidly and reliably.

The high throughput, combinatorial screening approach of the Pfēnex Expression Technology™, allows Pfenex the unprecedented ability to produce proteins that cannot be otherwise expressed in any other system. Advantages include quality, stability, solubility, titer, rapid delivery as well as reduced production and development costs.