Pfenex is an innovative, leading-edge company focused on biosimilars with a unique protein production platform and world class bioanalytical approach allowing us to create the highest quality products for patients through an unparalleled efficient and effective development process.

We approach biosimilars development with methodology rooted in our history. We are founded on a protein production and bioanalytical platform, which enables the potential to create biosimilars with a fingerprint-like identity to a reference product. As a result, our process to develop and produce biosimilars is highly robust in order to meet the requirements of regulatory agencies around the world.

We are unique to the market in that we are a company that combines a proven protein production technology and bioanalytical expertise with a core focus on bringing biosimilars to market. This allows us to adeptly develop a broad pipeline of high quality products to address unmet medical needs.

Through these efforts, we are able to develop and produce the highest quality products that patients require and doctors trust, expanding access to these life-changing biologics.