Our Platform



The Pfenex Expression Technology platform employs a revolutionary approach to recombinant protein production.  Pfenex has developed one of the most comprehensive expression technology platforms through the engineering and banking of over 150 unique host strain phenotypes and over 100 pre-constructed rapid cloning vectors based on Pseudomonas fluorescens. This comprehensive toolbox is complemented by a high throughput, robotically enabled combinatorial screening approach that enables unprecedented speed and success rate in identifying a production strain capable of producing high titers of high quality protein. The capability is supported by a word class analytical capability that ensures high quality and targeted process optimization. The Pfenex Expression Technology platform is extremely versatile and has routinely demonstrated its ability to successfully produce a broad range of therapeutic and vaccine candidates, from peptides to large, complex proteins.

The institutional knowledge possessed by the Pfenex scientific team which has been accumulated over the past 17 years and over 60 partnerships, including with 12 of the 15 top pharmaceutical companies in the world, is leveraged on every product development program.


Regulatory and clinically validated with FDA-approved PF708 and our partner programs nearing commercialization (Jazz, Merck and Serum Institute)​

Breadth & Success 

90-100% success in achieving high quality titer for Fabs, engineered antibody derivatives, non-antibody binding modalities and vaccine antigens. Deep expertise in >170 “lead” protein classes, including difficult to produce proteins which failed to express in E. coli, yeast and mammalian cell culture. ​


Power of the platform is to screen large numbers of candidate expression strains in parallel, enabling rapid, reliable identification of a lead production strain​


Broad platform and product IP portfolio with 24 issued U.S. patents as of Oct 2019​

Track Record​

17 years of deep institutional knowledge derived from 60+ collaborations with biopharmaceutical companies, including a majority of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies with deep experience in recombinant protein production ​