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Through the use of our state of the art production platform, Pfenex Expression Technology®, we cost-effectively develop and improve high value protein based therapeutics and vaccines, enabling broad access to people who require them.


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Our History

The Pfenex Expression Technology platform was originally developed within The Dow Chemical Company. Following several years of research and development on the platform Pfenex Inc. was spun out of Dow in December 2009. Pfenex Inc. existed as a privately held biotechnology company from 2009 until our initial public offering in 2015.

When Pfenex spun out of Dow, we were assigned the entire intellectual property estate associated with the platform. The Dow R&D facility based in San Diego, California, and the entire team supporting the business, stayed with the company. To this day we still have many members of the founding team as employees of Pfenex complemented by a large number of talented employees with vast industry experience.