Strain Engineering

Pfēnex Expression Technology™ discards the traditional, linear and iterative approach and adopts parallel, HTP method for microbial strain development.
At the core of every successful development program is the ability to produce sufficient quantities of active and high quality protein- rapidly and repeatedly. 
Maintaining an unprecedented speed and success rate in expressing protein, where other systems have previously failed, the Pfēnex Expression Technology™ platform gets it right the first time. This Pseudomonas fluorescens-based platform routinely:
  • Enables screening of thousands of unique expression strains in parallel
  • Utilizes specific host cell phenotypes to address proteolytic clipping
  • Over expresses specific chaperones to enhance proper folding of the protein as expressed to avoid the cost and quality risks associated with protein refolding
  • Utilizes high throughput analytical methods to enable the identification of a robust production strain in less than 5 weeks.

Utilizing Pfēnex Expression Technology™ throughout discovery and development provides tangible economic benefits in expediting programs through rapid and high quality protein production.