Platform Technology


PF Technology Diagram

Pfenex Expression Technology: Faster, Scalable, Higher Quality, Lower Cost


The Pfenex platform is based on automated high-throughput screening of large libraries of novel, genetically engineered Pseudomonas fluorescens bacterial expression strains. The libraries contain thousands of expression strains which are constructed from a large inventory of expression vectors, or genetic elements, incorporated into engineered P. fluorescens host strains. We then employ automated, robotically enabled parallel high-throughput screening, incorporating extensive bioanalytical testing, in order to select strains from the library which express the protein of interest at optimal yields, purity and potency. Extensive fermentation scouting experiments on the selected strains allows for the identification of a final production strain with further improvements in the yield of the active therapeutic protein.


This technology originated at Mycogen Corporation and was further developed at Dow, collectively, over a period of 20 years. Mycogen and Dow used this technology to commercially manufacture, at low cost, a broad range of proteins for industrial applications. We have continued to improve the technology for the specific use in biopharmaceuticals development and production.