Board of Directors

James C. Gale
Managing Director, Signet Healthcare Partners


Mr. Gale is the founding partner of Signet Healthcare Partners. He initiates investments and provides active management oversight to a number of the portfolio companies. He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Alpex Pharma S.A. and also serves on the Board of Directors of Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals Inc., Cydex Inc., Indevus Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Spepharm BV and Paladin Laboratories.


Prior to founding Signet Healthcare Partners, Mr. Gale was head of principal investment activities and head of investment banking for Gruntal & Co., LLC. While at Gruntal, Mr. Gale’s investment activities included Andrx Corporation, Royce Laboratories (merged with Watson Pharmaceuticals), Lifecell Corporation, Neurocrine Biosciences, and BML Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Endo Pharmaceuticals).


Prior to joining Gruntal, he originated and managed private equity investments for the Home Insurance Co., Gruntal’s parent. Earlier in his career, Mr. Gale was a senior investment banker at E.F. Hutton & Co.


Mr. Gale received his Master's of Business Administration from the University of Chicago.



Bertrand C. Liang, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A.
Chief Executive Officer, Pfenex Inc.


Dr. Bertrand C. Liang is the Managing and Executive Director of LCC Ventures, an advisory company in the biotech, pharma and venture areas.


He was previously Vice Chairman, Paramount Biosciences, LLC, where he led the private equity activities, including licensing, investments and internal development capabilities of the seven global offices, from Shanghai to London. He was President, CEO and Director of Tracon Pharmaceuticals, Inc., an oncology-focused development company located in San Diego; previously, he was Vice President, New Ventures at Biogen Idec.


Prior to the merger of the Biogen and Idec companies, he was Vice President, Development, managing the Hematology and Oncology portfolio, including biologics such as Rituxan and Zevalin, as well as small molecules. Subsequent to the merger, he became the Site Head of Development (preclinical and clinical) in San Diego prior to being in the corporate venture capital group, which was partnered with MPM Capital, one of the largest global life science focused funds. Dr. Liang joined Idec from Amgen, where he led the development of various cytokines and proteins, including the clinical development and launch of Neulasta™ (pegfilgrastim), whose sales have reached over $8B since introduction to the market in 2002.

Dr. Liang served as study section member as well as section chair (metastatic cancer) of a NCI Organizational Review Group (Brain Tumors), which evaluated all programs within the NCI and set recommendations for future direction of resource allocation for the institute. Dr. Liang serves on the Board of Directors for several companies, including Tracon Pharmaceuticals, Asphelia Pharma, and Pico Pharmaceuticals.


Dr. Liang is clinically trained in Neurology and Oncology, with basic science work in molecular genetics and molecular pharmacology. Dr. Liang has held academic positions at the NCI, University of Colorado and University of Vermont, where he was the head of Human Medical Genetics. His previous research involved the role of mitochondria and the mitochondrial genome in the tumorigenic phenotype, translational research in cancer and neurology patients, and patented platform technology work in genomics discovery.