Bringing Biosimilars to Market

Pfenex Inc. is a biologics company, focusing on biosimilars to increase access for patients who require these types of biologic medications. Biosimilars are biologic medications that have no meaningful differences from the originator reference product upon which they are based. Located in San Diego, California, USA, and evolved from a fee-for-service offering, creating biologics for other biopharma companies, to creating our own products and pipeline.

They spun out from the Dow Chemical Company, and entered into the public equity markets with an IPO in July 2014. At the moment, the firm has 12 programs, in various stages of development including those in pivotal clinical studies. The biosimilar industry is fledgling in the United States, while it is well established in Europe. Bert Liang, CEO of Pfenex Inc., explains more
about the company and how they are maintaining their success in a period of economic uncertainty.

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