Through the Pfenex Expression Technology we are able to conduct infectious disease research and vaccine development previously not possible.

Capitalizing on our ability to rapidly identify production strains for proteins that cannot be readily produced in other systems, we have a comprehensive portfolio of antigens that have been difficult or impossible to express in other host systems or organisms. This positions us as an important biodefense player and, as such, we are a vital partner to the U.S. government in the development of much-needed vaccines. We are able to develop and produce vaccines faster, in larger quantities and of a higher quality than other pharmaceutical developers.

As a result of this proven success in vaccine development, we have a vaccine pipeline fully-funded by the U.S. government to potentially provide top-quality products to the Strategic National Stockpile, helping to ensure the future safety of all Americans and our allies against any manmade or environmental biological threats.

About Our Vaccines


Pfenex is currently working with the U.S. government to develop a critically-needed novel anthrax vaccine candidate – Px563L – which could potentially fulfill the government’s unmet demand for increased quantity, stability, and dose sparing regimens of anthrax vaccine. Learn more about medical countermeasure development with Congress here.