Norwegian Study Shifts Support Toward Biosimilar Switching

A new study abstract released today in Norway demonstrates support for switching patients from an branded biologic to a biosimilar for treatment. The Nor-Switch study, which will be presented at the United European Gastroenterology Annual Congress Week (UEGW), examined patients that either continued treatment with the branded biologic infliximab (Remicade), or switched to a biosimilar, infliximab (CT-P13 Remsima).

As a result, study data found “no significant difference in effect, adverse effects or antibody formation” in subjects, lending support to biosimilar switching for an approved condition and chipping away at a significant barrier to biosimilar market uptake. By demonstrating support for biosimilar switching, this study underscores the safety and efficacy of a biosimilar when compared with a biologic, and encourages greater use of the biosimilar, ensuring patients have greater access to essential lower cost therapies.