Pfenex: Unparalleled Technology, Unmatched Products

At Pfenex, we believe our biosimilar and vaccine products are only as strong as the platform on which they are developed—and we have the strongest product development platform in the marketplace

Our Platform

The Pfenex Expression Technology platform is unique, and effectively positions our company to serve a wide range of unmet needs via rapid, reliable protein production and product development.

At Pfenex, we believe that there is minimal or no advantage to simply repeating an innovator’s decades-old protein expression and bioprocess strategy. Instead, our platform combines an extensive toolbox of expression components with a robotically-enabled, high-throughput parallel strain screening technology.

Matched with our world class bioanalytical approach, our platform gives us the ability to produce fingerprint-like copies of original biologics—at unprecedented speeds and for a fraction of the costs of our competitors.

Our Products

We are leveraging the Pfenex Expression Technology platform to build a comprehensive portfolio of biosimilar protein molecules, as well as create a national reserve of vaccines in a cost-effective and efficient manner that is unparalleled by our competitors.

Pfenex currently has nine biosimilar molecules in development. Our lead product candidate is PF582, a biosimilar candidate to Lucentis, a treatment of retinal diseases, which achieved more than $4 billion is global sales in 2013.

Our next most advanced product candidate is PF530, a biosimilar candidate to Betaseron (interferon beta-1b), a treatment for multiple sclerosis that achieved global sales of $1.4 billion in 2013.

The Pfenex development pipeline includes five other biosimilar product candidates, as well as vaccine, generic, and next generation biologic candidates. All were developed on our unique development platform and via our unparalleled bioanalytical approach.

Why We Are Different

Pfenex is unique in our industry. We are a company that combines a proven protein production technology and bioanalytical expertise with a core focus on bringing biosimilars to market. Quite simply, we develop and produce the highest quality products available. Our patients rely on our products, and doctors trust their safety and efficacy. Through these efforts, we are expanding access to life-changing biologics to people who otherwise couldn’t afford or access them.