Pfenex’s protein production platform and bioanalytical approach to developing biosimilars enables the potential for a fingerprint-like identity to a reference product limiting the need for expensive and costly clinical trials.

Utilizing our platform, Pfenex Expression Technology™ for recombinant protein production, we are able to rapidly develop and produce high-quality therapeutics.

The Pfenex Expression Technology platform uniquely positions us to serve a wide range of unmet needs via rapid reliable protein production and product development. The Pfenex product pipeline currently contains seven biosimilars and one generic candidate. The 2017 global biologics market is anticipated to represent over $221 billion in product sales with virtually the entire market comprised of branded innovator products. We believe the emerging biosimilars market will be fueled by the large number of blockbuster products facing patent expiry in the next several years, abbreviated regulatory pathways for the approval of biosimilars and a mandate for lower drug costs by governments and private payers.

Pfenex Expression Technology combines an extensive toolbox of expression components with a robotically-enabled high-throughput parallel strain screening technology, delivering unprecedented speed and success in identifying protein production strains capable of producing large amounts of soluble, active product. Our protein production technology along with our bioanalytical approach – grown out of our history as a spin-off of The Dow Chemical Company – enables the potential for a fingerprint-like identity to a reference product and creates biosimilars with limited need for extensive and costly clinical trials.

We have an established expertise in the development of biosimilars. Leveraging our proprietary production technology together with differentiated bioanalytical characterization capabilities allows us to provide patients with access to safe, effective, affordable products.

Our Biosimilars:

Our Biosimilars